Passing Pee Drug Tests

It’s considerably common in the workplace for those who work in the healthcare industry as well as other sectors. In fact, more than 70% of working adults are high risk addicts to alcohol or drugs. The cause of concern has a multitude of variables. Employees who are overworked, stressed out, burned out, or simply went right in to the workforce with a habit or two could be the triggers.

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Nevertheless, drugs are being used to work normally because of certain types of addictions. Alcohol or drug usage causes injuries, accidents, and even deaths to the user, coworkers, and even patients if they work in the healthcare industry. So, the fact is that drug testing is inevitable in the medical sector, but passing those tests has some scratching their heads.

Drug-Abusing employees are expensive

Year after year, the estimates of drug usage and drinking in the workplace have now costed the economy in the billions! To be more precise, it’s estimated that employees have rang up a bill to the tune of $80 billion dollars in losses because of their drug and alcohol habits. With this in mind, the workplace is affected in various ways. Not only are people’s safety at risk, but attendance and quality of work is thwarted.

Other factors that are foreseen when hiring an employee who is susceptible of drug usage and alcoholism are the rising costs of healthcare insurance and premiums to go with it. Productivity and employee morale go “out the window” as well for those who have to work in a place where an addict is working at. Drug testing is far too important for those who “hire and fire,” but learning how to pass a drug test is also important for those need a “kit” so they can continue their habits, or simply need to survive to get by today. Thus, it’s a two-way street according to many who are in the workplace.