Drug Test Week

Avoiding the use of drug for a week before the test

It applies to the rest of us. There is a simple way to pass a drug test that most of us assume. Avoid using drugs for a week before the test. It is evident that 80% of organizations in USA perform a drug testing process for their employees and research shows that ¾ of every 4 illegal drug addicts in the America are employed and companies are incurring loss in productivity due to this drug usage.

Some companies that requires safeties of high level like transportation companies exercises a random drug testing for their employees. AMA research shows that 52.5% of companies perform a drug testing routines to appoint applicant.

With work overload, many government agencies have pushed the limits in working their employees overtime because of the lack of quality work plus mainly due to safety reasons. When it comes to construction workers. In fact, they aren’t the only ones.

According to Newswire.com, more than 80% of Americans work an extra day per week because to support their families or themselves (Budimir, 2014). One employee died from taking a nap in her car because she hadn’t slept in days. She actually had 4 jobs to support herself and because of an open container which fell over and slept in her car, she died of carbon monoxide poisoning (Budimir, 2014).

But, because of this, they’ve tripled their accident rates, met countless mistakes, and have even become depended on these drugs they’ve decided to take before, during, or after work. At any rate, this is where drugs enter the scene. There are many ways to learn how to beat a drug test or pass a drug test. Counteracting the workloads with legal or illegal drugs have been this group of workers solution. Whether its caffeine, cocaine, methamphetamines, or any other stimulants, they feel “they need” because of their long-hours of working regardless of their job description.

Other ways employees are subjected

Subject to long hours, even dealing with multiple jobs, for instance, this group will eventually dissolve themselves in one or more ways according to the list below.

1. Exhausted because of lack of sleep or being tired.

2. Fired because of a failed drug test

3. Quits all together

4. Heart attack or stroke

5. Suicide

There are many reasons why people who work long hours are subjected to end their work or even their job.

Intoxicated coworkers

When you see an employee coming in on a Monday, blurry red eyes, bee-lining to the coffee pot, and even reeking of alcohol, would you think they’re still intoxicated? Most will because they probably have crossed paths with one coworker like this or “they themselves” have been in the same situation on any given day. Workplace intoxication causes accidents, high absentees, and even major mistakes in productivity and quality control compared to their coworkers.

How to pass a drug test is far more likely to be sought by these people, but would you want to work with someone under the influence or have a safer more productive work place?

Drug testing amidst an opioid epidemic

Today, it’s considered an epidemic when it comes to employees and drug usage. There are more than 2 million Americans addicted “to some sort of opioid.” To ensure the safety of employees as well as patients in the healthcare industry, such as, drug testing, it is needed. If a nurse or doctor was managing your child’s trauma in an emergency room, would you want s/he to do so if you knew she “snuck a drink” before working or had an addiction to opioids?